Monday, May 24, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Meets The Edge of The Universe

She fell itno an unassuming postion,
that of a pear just falling from the sky,
apinted a mauve-maroon.
"Today is the day I'll contemplate
the existence of the universe."
An unassuming bombastic blue bird flew
over her feet (since her head was below her feet
at this very moment). She felt that a painter
had white-washed the sky, but in maroon
with a very liquidy watercolor paint.
There was a lot of white space in between.
Two cheeful elephants walked by muttering
how if gravity were tied into the same continuum
as time why they had to be both wrinkled And fat.
The grass below their near-round foot-prints
was colored a dark tropical tourquoise.
In this position, she was either a snail, a molusk,
or an upside-eown guinea-pig. A pig, she decided
as she fingered he straw-colored blonde hair
(her hair was indeed made of straw, so this would make sense).
A porcupine waddled by propogating great philosophical ideas.
"If God and the sould are the same thing, then wehre does that leave me?
Does it in fact leave me, or am I god and the soul?"
And he continuued on. She struggled to regain control over her
own cetner of gravity, and as she did so, tyouched her very
smooth gray shoes. "How does oen make gray, the most
unappetizing of colors?" Gray is indeed strange, she decided,
neither red, nor blue, nor brown when all the colors in the
box of crayons are furiously combined. As she rocked
her body so as to obtain a skywoard orientation for her head,
she noticed an orange oraungatang floating free form
through the canopy of the strawberry-pink weeping cherry tree.
"Oh, how can I possibly seek to explain what I don't know,
when what I thought I knew no longer applies?" she exclaimed.
The orange oruangatang sent her a valentine on a paper plane,
just whisking this way and that down through the brankches.
"Dear Maria, I love you as a crocadile loves chocolate fudge brownies.
Love, orange floating oruangatang." "Now that doesn't make any sense,
for I don't even know if crocadiles eat brownies!" she remarked with
undetones of sadness and despair. She imagined being eaten by a
very large gray-green corcadile, and began to shudder uncontrollably.
Just then, a normal looking white rat strutted nonchalantly by.
"Maybe he can help me solve the great questions of the universe," she thought.
"At least he appears to follow some of the laws of gravity and what humans
perceive as one of the ma ny accepted rat colors iwthin the visible
light specturm." And this is where she failed, since, indeed,
what she was seeking was exactly what she was not looking for.
To be looking for something was to define it before
it was found, and thus, to lose sight of it completely.
Then to the respectable-looking rat,
"Oh, Mr. Rat, could you please explain to me
why time is shaped like cupid's arrow?" Mr. Rat huffed and
announced noisily that littled girls have much better things to
be doing than lying on their backs with their feet in the air.
THe white rate begain to change an alarming shade of yellow,
and he abruptly begain strutting backwards, then sideways,
then sideways-up, and then he disappeared altogether.
"Oh, now I shall never know the answers to the existence of the
universe and my role in it." Just then she began to float
toward the maroon-washed sky (just her unappealing gray shoes
and blue-painted toes, actually). Her toes waved good-bye
to her. And, to her alarm, she waved good-bye back to them.

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