Wednesday, June 2, 2010

the Garbage man

Hank spends more time with trash on his mind than you probably do all month. Which is why he admired the purple sky with cod-shaped clouds that Tuesday morning, along with the stench of lawn between the flouring mounds of garbage. Taking time out for the beautiful things. Staying observant, keeping out of the oblivious haze his partners were lost in. Their minds in the gutter while they pick up the toppled rubbish. Hank made himself out to be different and earned some scorn from them therefore. He didn’t learn his coworker’s names and didn’t think networking would earn him anything. From this he was probably the happiest garbage man in the Dorchester region.
At one house his driver stopped the truck and walked out for a smoke. Just before that Hank had noticed them driving by a woman of small stature walking briskly in her business outfit towards the subway. She seemed hyper vigilant, turning around to watch them pass. Now walking around the sidewalk, Hank looked above the span of roofs, the overcast sky pervading the scent of rain, when he looked down and saw movement from a basement window. He stepped closer and could make out the shape of a torso. That, and the bars of a cage. Hank crept up closer to the wall, and peering inside discovered a naked man doing push ups inside a very large and closed cage.
The man’s ass was firm as a grape bowl, as the shape of his tight balls was the peach misplaced there with the other reddish globes. But really it was the shining behind of a woman’s, and when he turned I watched his glistening stomach before the patch of a shade between the legs that made his gender official, for even his pecks could be the size of some flat-chested female. This was a man setting himself in bound perfection.

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