Sunday, June 6, 2010

An Award for Living Life

Some people are really good at life. Tchaikovsky was really good at directing ballet, Mozart really good at composing classical music, Marylin Monroe was really good at acting and singign, and the Cohen brothers are really good at directing movies, PHilip Glass was really good at Composing Minimalist classical music, CHarles Bukowski was really good at short stories and poems, and Judge Learned-Hand was really good at writing unprecedented judicial decisison. According to many, these people shoud get the award for the skill of livng well, because admit it, some do it better than others. SOme are famous geniuses (ahem, Einstein?) and some are homeless bums. Some suck at living life. If so, do they fail out, gean F, a slap on the writs, a letter inked onto paper? Or, if ew fail at life, is it always as significant (or insignificant) as death? Does natual selection take its course for those of us stupid enough to get ourselves selected out of this particular time or ways, this flicker of time reminiscent of television channel flipping?

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